Clear and transparent


Showing our costs - up front

No setup charges
No monthly charges
No branch charges
No tribute page charges
No monthly fee for charities

There are costs involved - that's inevitable
We try to make these costs, low and easy to understand

We apply a 5% administration charge on each online donation made once any Gift Aid has been applied. We also add on the transaction costs involved in processing the payment.

Current transactions costs are:

Visa Debit£0.20
Visa Credit1.26%
Visa Electron £0.40
MasterCard Debit £0.17
MasterCard Credit £1.29
Paypal2.4% + £0.20

As an example - if a donor were to make a £10.00 donation using a Visa Debit card to a charity, eligible for Gift Aid then our charges would be:

Donation Amount£10.00
Gift Aid (added)£2.50
Admin Charge of 5% (taken)£0.62
Transaction Charge (taken)£0.20
Total Forwarded To Charity £11.68